Motivation: 2015 Get Fit

I’m loving the sites that are dedicating whole sections to getting healthy and fit in 2015.

Some of the ones I keep going back to as the year starts:

  • Pop Sugar –  Pop Sugar (who has a great fitness section year round) has been doing a huge “Get Fit 2015” campaign.  Articles are posted frequently throughout the day about meal planning, easy budget friendly workouts, and little changes that can amount to big success.  With a daily different workout highlighted, it’s a great tool for fitness in the new year.  They also are doing a contest right now with a trip to Hawaii.
  • Buzzfeed –  My favorite site to zone out and take countless quizzes all day is doing a fitness challenge.  The “28 Day Get Fit Challenge” contains a series of different workouts and plan to stick to for a month.  The workouts require no equipment, so they’re definitely budget friendly!  The site is also posting lists of healthy recipes to coincide with the challenge.

Can’t wait to use some of these workouts and also use the articles as motivators!


New Year. New Blog. New Success.

I have gotten so wrapped up in all the motivation that is out there to start and maintain a healthy lifestyle in the new year.  So much so, I’ve returned with a healthy vengeance to blogging. Ensuring that I write daily about health and budgeting is the biggest motivator and guarantee for my success.

Things I’m looking forward to sharing with everyone:

  • Budget friendly workouts
  • My new Pesca-Vegan lifestyle
  • Motivational stories and links
  • A place to vent when I need it

Happy 2015!

Workout Woes

I’m currently using a 5K Runner app (5K Runner to be precise!) on my phone to get me through exercise.  I’ve even signed up for a 5K that is less than a month away.  Unfortunately, I have now started to struggle.  I’m stuck. On W4D2 to be precise.

It’s worth noting that I have asthma. Asthma that hadn’t really gotten in the way of my working out previously.  It is primarily allergy induced asthma.  And yet in the last couple workouts it has now come out to wreck my progress.

5K Runner has been phenomenal for me thus far in getting my endurance and jogging up.  It’s affordable and straightforward.  It has helped me wonderfully, until now.

So I’m now going to throw myself into some natural cures to curb my wheezing (I have both a rescue inhaler and a steroid inhaler).  I’ll let you know how each goes.

Happy running to all those struggling to get to 5K readiness along with me.

Daily Health Links

  • A neat list of the most affordable healthy foods with a breakdown of the beneficial nutrients found in each item [Fitbie]
  • Denver Post breaks down the motivational influences that mobile apps can have.  Contains a great list of affordable health apps including My Fitness Pal which I talked about this morning [Denver Post]
  • My poor adrenal glands.  A list of beverages we consume and the potential health issues that arise [Women’s Health]

My Biggest Weight Loss Tool – My Fitness Pal

The main diet philosophy I’m following is calorie counting.  A strict review of my calories in is the most successful means for me to ensure weight loss success.  This requires several tools that I use on a daily basis.

One of the tools so vital to my nutritional success is My Fitness Pal.  This website/mobile has really blown up in popularity, with good reason.  This is a dynamic online food diary with a massive user submitted database of foods and nutritional information.

While it may initially feel cumbersome to manually upload every item that you consume each day, it becomes easier.  MFP keeps a history of foods you consume and with an easy one click, you’ve updated that day’s log with that food item.  Bonus: the mobile app has a barcode scanner that allows for even easier input into your daily log.

diary entry screenshot

MFP can also sync with several devices or apps that you use on a daily basis.  For me, this means my 5K Runner app and Fitbit.  It adds information from these apps to my activities and calorie burn to adjust the amount of calories I should consume based on that activity.

Another great feature on MFP?  Social media of course.  Similar to Facebook, MFP has a news feed with your friends’ activities on the website.  Users are able to comment or like each of these status updates, adding to the motivation.

Checkout 51!

One valuable app that I have stumbled upon is Checkout 51.  There are several apps out there similar, and really I’d just sign up for them all (ibotta being another).

This centralizes and manages rebates.  Not good with couponing? Sending in rebates? Not a problem with these apps.  Shop as you normally would and then upload your receipts to these apps for products that can get you money back!

One potential issue is for people  like me that either buy generic or a lot of produce.  With Checkout 51 in particular, each week regularly features produce items (this week: bananas, any sliced bread, and apples).  I’m not necessarily changing my shopping habits, but consistently I have items that I normally buy pop up on the weekly rebate special.

Once you accumulate a certain amount of money, you automatically get a check in the mail.

Can’t wait to get my first check as a budget conscious dieter.